Center for Alternative Medicine


Meet Dr. Guy!

Dr. Guy G. DeAngelis is a naturopathic doctor whose practice is dedicated to helping individuals lead healthy, vibrant lives. He lives the naturopathic tenet of “doctor as teacher” every day by educating patients about the root causes of their health challenges and instructing them in ways they can support their body’s own innate healing abilities to return them to wellness.

Sincere and caring, at the renowned Center for Alternative Medicine, Dr. Guy offers each patient unhurried one-on-one attention taking time to get to know the person as well as the health concern. His recommendations for therapies and lifestyle modifications are carefully developed to specifically meet each individual’s needs. His practice is distinguished from many by his interest and research in evidence-based natural therapies.

In addition to a doctorate in naturopathic medicine, he also holds a doctorate in Philosophy, M.A. in Education along with his B.S. in Aviation Sciences and Education.    Dr. Guy actively participates in continuing education and research to expand his skills and knowledge base in alternative medicine modalities.